Class Descriptions

Ashtanga - Led Primary

In this practice, the yoga teacher guides students through the first sequence of the Ashtanga practice. Movement is linked to breath throughout the practice. Hands on assists will also be given. Room temp: 70 degrees. (75 minutes)

Ashtanga: Mysore

This is the traditional method of teaching Ashtanga Yoga where 1-1 instruction is given within a group setting. Students work independently on the series of asanas most appropriate for them, as the teacher adjusts and informs. Room temp: 70 degrees (Time varies to individual practice)

Bikram/Music Bikram/Bikram Express

In this practice, the original hot yoga, students are given verbal instruction through a dialogue to complete a 26 asana series. The Express class is 60 minutes, as opposed to 90 minutes in the regular Bikram class. Music class varies. It is recommended to take a 90 minute full Bikram Class befor doing a Music Bikram, as more instruction is provided in the traditional class. Room temp: 106 degrees


In this practice, instruction in a variety of the 88 asanas is given with an emphasis on form and alignment in each, holding poses to create awareness in the body, as well as strengthen and tone the muscles.  Room temp: 70 degrees   (60 minutes)


This practice is a highly structured class, emphasizing form and alignment through the use of props, based upon the teachings and philosophy of BKS Iyengar.      Room temp: 70 degrees   (60 minutes)

Iyengar: Pranayama

 There is more to yoga than yogasanas, poses. Pranayama is another limb of the yoga tree, utilizing breath and energy work. Prana means life force ayama means control and regulation. This class will have pranayama instruction and practice along with restorative, passive, poses. This class will be held the last Friday of each month as a regularly scheduled class. 

Reset & Connect

Think Iyengar is only about holding static poses? Think again!  This class will include familiar flow asanas while incorporating Iyengar methodology, allowing for alignment and refinement in one's practice. (90 degrees)



A variety of vinyasa classes are offered:

Nahi Warrior Flow -  find your warrior within through this dynamic, intense flow comprised of a specific sequence of asanas to create a balanced effect between the body and mind. 90 degrees (75 minutes)


Vinyasa Fitness Flow -  sequences of asanas are arranged together with fitness training components to facilitate powerful movement as one flows from one posture into the next, creating an intense cardio workout. 95 degrees  (75 minutes)

Candlelight Vinyasa - a variety of sequences are done by candlelight as the instructor guides you through this practice of longer holds and breath work. 90 degrees (60 minutes)

Power Vinyasa -  sequences of asanas arranged together to create a powerful flow that produces an energized effect. Room temp: 90 degrees (75 minutes)

Slow Flow Vinyasa –   

Slow Flow incorporates elements of Iyengar Yoga, Viniyoga and Ashtanga Yoga in fluid, flowing movements that link one asana to another, like a dance.  The concept of “flow” also pertains to the breath, as the flow is guided by the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, coordinating every movement with every breath.  In this way the body, mind and spirit are yoked in a dynamic interplay of breath and movement, stillness and motion. Deep stretching concluding with a Yoga Nida style Shavasana(60 minutes)



A meditative, relaxing yoga where poses are held for 5-minutes in a supportive position using bolsters and blankets, to release fascia surrounding the muscles, creating openings and a deeper elongation within the body.     Room temp: 80 degrees  (75 minutes; noon 60 minutes)


This cardio workout, using ballet barres, incorporates components of ballet, pilates, and yoga to burn calories and produce well-toned muscles.      Room temp: 70 degrees    (60 minutes)